jivan cowgirl hatI have been privileged to live a life full of colour and texture- to have walked paths many may not have dared to tred...and have benefited greatly for it. I see life as the Ultimate Ride and a great joy!

From my life as a performance artist, commedienne, clown, actress and dancer to my life as a facilitator, a therapist, a visual artist, musician and singer/songwriter, to my life as a registered nurse.

I have performed in 600 shows worldwide, in circuses, clubs, festivals, shopping centres, board rooms, 5 star hotels, on TV, in theatres and at the Sydney Opera House.

I have been a playwrite, a theatre director, a company director, an event co-ordinator, festival co-ordinator, choreographer, costume designer/maker, a designer and facilitator of Theatre & Dance programmes for people with Disabilities, and a numeracy and literacy teacher. I have been a seminar designer and facilitator for 60 different programmes in three different countries.

I have worked in Psychiatric Insititutions, aged cared facilities, Women's Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence refuges and in palliative care- where many people I have come to know and care for- have died.

I have walked tightropes, dived out of planes and ridden camels, I have seen a world of joy, love and laughter in my work and a world often associated with shadow and pain and several things I have learned:

Life is so short
It is full of colour, diversity and infinite possibilities
It is what we make of it, whether by design or default If we don't like where it is going, we can change it
That each of us have a unique gift that contributes to the world
That every single person CAN make a difference!
And that life contains an inherent mystery where miracles abound

Life simply awes me!

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