Journey Brandon Bays What is it?

Founded by Brandon Bays over twenty years ago, the Journey is a powerful and yet gracious modality that works as a Cellular Memory Release Technique.

This technique allows you to access 'the other than conscious mind' in order to access the true casual issues behind your current challenge and heal it. Our conscious mind is often not aware of the true source of an issue but the bodies inherent wisdom is always 'in the know. ' (Informed)

During the session you will experience what feels similar to a visualisation or hypnosis session, where you are in a deep state of relaxation and yet it differs from hypnosis in that you are in control still, quite aware of what is transpiring during the session.

A truly unique quality with this modality however is that you also get to experience the true 'Source' of your being, your soul state, the true essence of your Being which can be profoundly moving and life changing for many people. How often do we get to experience our own souls? Or even know what that really means.


When we suppress our feelings at the moment that we are having an intense experience, what often transpires (see the work of Dr Candice Pert I her award winning book 'Molecules of Emotion') is that bio-chemistry is released from the brain travelling within the body where it will shut down a cell receptor, leaving the original memory of what happened & the accompanying emotions inside.

This then becomes a degenerative cell....sister cells can clump on this cell now, building up its own little family of degenerative cells, and even opportunist viruses and cancers can clump on this cell receptor also...creating all manner of mayhem.

This degenerative cell and its toxic contents, can also now be responsible for psychological or emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and imbalances creating further issues for us in our lives.

The Process of the Journey is to find the causal cell and clear it out ( bio-chemical process,) this process clears out the toxins, allowing the cell to become regenerative again and healthy! This can not only release the old issues, stories and the painful emotions attached, but also heals illnesses that transpired and clears out the old vows and limiting beliefs that came with the old story.

Its a beautiful, soulful and moving process.
Try it on Everything:

Relationship issues, old patterns of beliefs or addictions, minor or major health issues, old painful memories and stories, blocks to your abundance, wealth, health and wellbeing. It is probably easier to ask what can't you use it on. It is a truly beautiful experience and is suitable for children and adults.


• Reduction of symptoms of the challenge you have been experiencing
• Reduction of symptoms, pain and even healing of illnesses
• Can clear depression and the source of mental discomfort
• Clearing of blocks and old limiting beliefs
• Builds an awareness and appreciation of your authentic self
• Puts you in greater touch with your heart and tenderness
• Gives you an experience of your own dear Soul
• Leaves room for your Greater Potential to shine
• Leaves room for the miraculous to transpire
• I have seen this modality save lives literally.


Jivan will be available at Hinterland Holistic Health every Wednesday. For bookings please click here or call us on 07 54786229.

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