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The Hinterland Holistic Health team loves our animal family members just as much. The unconditional bond we share with our pets is difficult to put into words. They are more than just a pet – they are a major part of our families.

Animals have both an energetic body alongside their physical body – both of which the touch of Reiki can assist. As with ourselves, Reiki for Pets is non invasive, 100% pain free and gentle.

Your pets’ reiki treatment is completely compatible with traditional treatment and medications from your family vet and therefore will not interfere with their normal treatments. Whether your pet is young and vibrant and full or life, settled and content, or sadly suffering from an injury, anxiety or old age – Reiki for Pets can assist.

If your fur / feather baby suffering from anxiety, maybe a recent injury, maybe you have rescued them and they have issues from being neglected. If this is the case then Reiki can be very beneficial in the healing process.

Our qualified practitioners can work alongside of your family vet, and use the power of energy healing to assist in their recovery, emotional and behavioral symptoms.


Reiki Treatments for Pets

    Healthy pets – ideal for balancing emotional sense, relations and contentment
    Pets suffering from illness, injury, anxiety
    Pets with terminal illness
    Passing over ~ the 'Rainbow Bridge'
    Balancing Treatment



Transition Therapy for your Fur / Feather Baby

Through the hardest times... Reiki can help. When we receive that heart breaking news that our loved pet is coming to the end of their journey allow one of our team to help you both through this transition.

This time of their journey can be the hardest of them all. We offer in home service for you and your beloved family member – the touch of Reiki. Not only can this assist with the discomfort and pain that they may be feeling, but also the balancing of energy can assist with the unsettling sense of something not quite right.  Reiki treatments can help calm the mind, body and spirit.



Rainbow Bridge Session

Sadly there are times when we are not blessed with a warning or time to prepare for our loved ones passing, and the heartbreak and grief can be unexpected and overwhelming.

Our in home service can assist in turning this toughest time into a peaceful and loving experience for yourself and honouring your pets journey.

This personalised Rainbow Bridge Session consists of a 20 minute session with your pet and 40 minute session for yourself, assisting both in the transition into the next part of their being. We will also create a special keepsake using the traditional Reiki symbols and energy for you to keep in their memory.

If I can help you in any way during this challenging time, please contact me directly via phone or email.



Customised Treatment









Reiki for Pet and Owner

(20 minutes for your pet and yourself)


40mins $60.00


Transition Therapy

(30 minutes for your pet and yourself)


60 minutes


Rainbow Bridge Session

(20 minutes for your pet and 40 minutes for yourself)


60 minutes

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