Facial harmony

What is Facial Harmony?

As a Treatment: Facial Harmony is a gentle non-invasive treatment.

The gentleness is designed specifically to work in harmony with the nervous system. The treatment is predominantly focused on the face head and neck. These areas hold much of the body’s mental, emotional tension.

Whist in a deep state of relaxation old mental, emotional patterns can be released. Years of compacted stress patterns cause us to be less than energetic or enthusiastic. When this energy starts to flow again freely we are energised and with this new state of renewed wellbeing we find new solutions that enhance our life experience.

The muscles and tissues of your face wear the accumulation of your emotional interaction with your life’s experiences. How you feel about what happens in your life, especially the stresses and traumas, are locked into all the muscles and energy systems of your body and show most obviously in the face.

Repeated disappointments, frustrations, losses, fears and anxieties, live on in the muscle contours formed by these experiences. Joy, Trust, Enthusiasm and Love for life also exist as natural expressions of innate being. Yet these expressions are often overlaid with many negative life experiences and can be hard to access for more than a few fleeting moments.

Facial Harmony reconnects you with your innate way of being which then becomes a natural expression of your daily life. This natural radiance emanates from inside and shines on your face lighting up your eyes with the quality of what you are experiencing inside.

The Facial Harmony treatment is a process that results in facial transformation and overall rejuvenation at the cellular level. This treatment takes years of stress from your face so you look younger and feel it too.

For optimum results 7 one hour sessions one week apart are recommended. The treatment has a far- reaching cumulative effect with the face reflecting changes in both the inner and outer world.

Your thoughts and emotions are directly responsible for the tension in your body. By accessing deep states of relaxation you are able to reduce the stress on your body’s systems, achieve quietness of mind and mental clarity, whilst you are in mental/emotional overdrive, you are either operating from the swinging pendulum of emotional drama and intensity or shutdown and non-communicative and possibly not feeling at all! With Facial Harmony you become emotionally available to yourself and so therefore available to others personally and professionally.

Samyo will be available at Hinterland Holistic Health every Wednesday. For bookings please click here or call us on 07 54786229.


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