Tapping TechniqueE.F.T. - Emotional Freedom Technique:

What is it?

EFT is one of the extremely powerful Energy Psychologies that is being used around the world today with huge results. I love this modality!

It is a gentle tapping on the meridian system of the body with the tips of the fingers. The meridian system is the complex framework of lines of energy found throughout the body as seen in Eastern Medicine. The points are used in both acupuncture and acupressure, which most people are now familiar with.

The meridian system itself is a holistic model treating body, mind and spirit issues that arise along each energy line equally. If an issue arises for a person, often it can create an imbalance in the bodies meridian lines. EFT acts to soothe & clear the imbalance which is often described as a type of electrical current. We continue to tap with this technique with a myriad of different techniques until the imbalance is completely cleared and the lines of energy are rebalanced again.

It appears deceptively simple but has the capacity to greatly reduce chronic and acute pain, clear trauma, old memories, regrets, relationship issues, heal physical discomfort and illness, intense emotions and even grief and loss, and does so easily and harmoniously.

Try it on Eveything:

Performance Anxiety, public speaking, stress, work issues, interpersonal relationship challenges, chronic pain and illness, creative blocks, limiting or negative beliefs, wealth and health creation, sexuality issues, weight challenges, fears and phobias, addictions, quitting smoking, cravings, behavioural issues, insomnia.


• Stress reduction- (Defrags the bio-computer)
• Greater mental clarity, balance and ease AND capacity for innovative & creative thinking
• Reduced intensity of pain, grief and symptoms of illness
• Reduction of extreme or intense emotions
• Assists in creating positive relationships
• Clears old traumas, memories and painful stories
• Regaining Personal confidence, feelings of Peace
• Quells temper tantrums, anxiety and panic
• Reduction of fears, anxieties and phobias
• Clearing of outmoded, limiting or negative beliefs
• Clarity of mind, informed and effective decision making
• Better relationship with sleep
• Greater ability to cope generally


Jivan will be available at Hinterland Holistic Health every Wednesday. For bookings please click here or call us on 07 54786229.

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