Clayfield Therapy

What is it ?

Founded forty years ago by Professor Heinz Duesler, 'The Clayfield' is a wonderful & powerful healing modality suitable for both adults and children alike. Powerfully effective for clearing both present & past issues, another strength which is unique to The Clayfield is it's ability to repair developmental deficits that can occur after childhood adverse events.

Developmental Tasking:
These events happen when a child experiences trauma eg the death of a parent, separation of family, accidents, abuse, bullying etc. If the child experiences trauma before six years of age, the developmental tasking that children do quite organically become interrupted and begin to create difficulties for the child to do with personality development, personal confidence and interpersonal relationships.

These tasks, often carried out during play and using their hands, are required to be completed in order for a child to feel loved, supported & safe in their world. The ability to trust, to shape our world, and feel we can have an impact, all come from the developmental tasks that occur at this early age. If any incidence of trauma does occur during this time, this natural developmental process is interrupted. This also applies to children who experience insecure attachment and other attachment issues.

Symptoms vary per individual from challenging behaviours, bed wetting, emotional & behavioural changes in the child, to restlessness, even ADHD symptoms and learning difficulties. For adults, the symptoms can be either subtle or overt eg: it may be at a 'felt sense', where a person experiences restlessness or agitation often or on an ongoing basis. Overtly, they may experience difficulty regulating (controlling) their emotions or have a more anxious, fearful or emotional demeanour or disruptive relationships.

• Inner Peace, Ease of Being and a feeling of balance
• Personal Confidence & trust in self and life
• Ability to cope with change
• Attachment repair/Secure attachment
• Sensory changes
• Emotional balance & Regulation
• Sensory changes: colours and sounds may heighten due to repair of a depressed sensory system through Adverse Childhood Events.


Jivan is available each Wednesday at Hinterland Holistic Health - bookings are essential -  For bookings please click here or call us on 07 54786229.

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